Talks back on about Montreal GP

Mon Mar 30 8:49:42 2009 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Montreal F1 2006

According to the Toronto Star and Bernie Ecclestone is in talks with race organizers in Montreal to put Montreal back on the racing calendar for 2009. This is because the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the race added when Montreal was removed, might not be ready in time.

I’d love to have the Canadian GP back in the Formula 1 Calendar, but I share the concern that it should be a long-term agreement. Bernie Ecclestone needs to learn the consequences of rash and follow-the-dollars decisions.

I’d be happy to see the Canadian GP back on the Calendar for the next five years and I’d still be pleased if the agreement was to have an alternating position in the calendar with the US GP (Possibly at Watkins Glen?).

On a related note: Congratulations team Brawn! I’d also like to thank Honda for footing the bill for creating such a great team but being courteous enough to get out of the way once all the success started happening.

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