Trip From: St. Catharines > Toronto > Edmonton > Calgary > Montreal > Toronto > St. Catharines

Tue Jun 27 19:27:38 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Our trip to Montreal for the F1 race gets better every year. This year featured lots of in-town events and we for the first time did things right: stayed in a friend’s apartment and sprung for grandstand seating at turn 6 and 7.

The race was going very well for the first 1/2. Kimi had launched from 3rd to 2nd but couldn’t make ground do to a deteriorating RR wheel that would not come off during a pit.

Jacques was doing well, as one of the last of the late pit’ers he stayed out on track and made it up to 7th before Ralph Schumacher pulled aside to let him by (he had a very slow acceleration out of turn 6 the lap before) and Jacques went to go around him in turn 7 and hit all the dirt off the racing line… and then hit the wall. He should have waited until the hairpin, 30 seconds or 1/4 of the track later, as he was not going to gain any more positions in 11 laps.

JV crash

Kimi also made his own mistake on the second to last lap, in response to distant pressure from Michael Schumacher, he went wide in the hairpin and re-joined in third.

Hard luck for our drivers but a good weekend for us.

I got to start the whole weekend with the following trip: Edmonton >-flight-> Calgary >-flight-> Montreal >-bus-> to downtown Montreal >-Metro-> to Jean-Talon exchange >-walk-> one stop on Jean-Talon line to the apartment we were staying in. From a cool 16-hour day in conservative Alberta to a hot and humid Montreal street in the middle of the night to meet the boys.

It’s good to be back in Ontario and in St. Catharines. As I write this I’m sitting in the course I’m taking this summer to get my Applied Computers minor, in a few hours I’ll be home for the first time and this trip will offcially end.

More info on the race in this post:

Flickr picutres photo sets have been created for Edmonton and Montreal.

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