Little boy, big truck, old woman: Ashton’s truck.

Sat Jan 8 20:54:39 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

Just when you thought Ashton Kutcher was an OK guy after he campaigned for John Kerry, and gave his quote about Kerry’s plans to lower most people’s taxes and raise his singificantly. Well, it appears as though that Bush win has left that money in Ashton’s dangours hands. Ashton has purchased a International CXT. That’s International as the transport truck manufacturer.

The Sun (the UK one, not Toronto etc.) has the pictures:,,4-2004541348,00.html

CXTThe International CXT is the world’s larget pickup. It’s like an International 18 wheeler hitting a hummer – but the resulting vehicle lost enough weight to no longer need a commercial drivers licence to operate it. The best part is because it’s just the same truck that delivers Pepsi to the local store, it probalby can’t handle off-road tasks any better that the 1/4 sized Land Rover Discovery.

How did I learn about this, as one not known to be up on celebrity gossip? Well I found out about the CXT and then Google ‘cxt own‘ to find out who the first idiot would be.

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