Edmonton Loses

Tue Jun 20 12:44:41 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Your in Oil countryI feel a little responsible because I had jumped on the Oilers bandwagon (fuel truck) and cheered as hard as the rest of this town has, but I couldn’t pledge my full elegance: I think my Toronto Maple Leafs boxers might have jinxed things.

The town is crestfallen but they still support their team. Whyte avenue appeared to be (when I left) under control and most Oilers fans took solace in doing better than Calgary. In the washroom someone said “Well, last year Calgary had their chance, this year we had our go.” My response was “If only Red Dear had a team.” He saw the logic but didn’t think it was a good solution.

OK, now on to this conference and actually learning something.

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