Comparing Ontario University Strategic Mandate Agreements

Wed Jan 8 23:14:10 2020 EST (-0500 GMT)

As part of my Masters of Education, I completed an independent study, the subject of which was reviewing all of the current Ontario Universities Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMAs).

The most interesting part: The SMA2 Metrics Power BI dashboard.

Why? It seemed to me like I might be the first person to read all the SMA2s and compare them (apples to the Ontario mean of apples in 2017). So I read them all, interpreted them, submitted to my supervisor, got a good mark, and now I want to share the data collected because it seemed silly to me that Ontario had system-wide metrics a no system-wide report.

Questions like “What are the top three planned areas of growth for Ontario Universities?” should be a simple web search with an insightful result, not a one-hour web safari.

It’s all posted at

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