Denver Sakai Conf 2010

Wed Jun 16 19:40:33 2010 EDT (-0400 GMT)

My presentation went really well.

Here’s a picture Mathieu took of me about to burp 🙂

I appreciated all the positive feedback in the session and via Twitter.

During my presentation I warned the individuals in the room that “your faculty are Google’ing Sakai help and ending up at our wiki right now because MediaWiki has such good SEO”. After the session someone confirmed that a faculty member had indeed told him that he found help for “this Isaak, but it worked with Sakai”.

I updated the original blog posting the presentation was based on to include the presentation slides and the video. It is at

I might post some of my notes and reflections here later.

One Response to “Denver Sakai Conf 2010”

  1. Mathieu Plourde Says:

    I think you had just burped, in fact 😉