Sakai Conference 2011

Thu Jun 16 18:32:54 2011 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I had a great time at the Sakai Conference 2011 in Los Angeles.

My presentation this year was titled LMS-Based Teaching Hacks: A Collection of Simple Ideas to Tweak Your Teaching Within an LMS. It was well received and the room was standing room only.

Much as the development community would use the term, these teaching hacks were intended to be pragmatics solutions about using a resource not as it was originally intended to be used.

I shared a collection of simple ideas that can magnify the impact of an instructor’s teaching through the use of an LMS labelling them “Teaching Hacks”. Some of the teaching hacks addressed concerns with student attendance and communications, others with facilitating collaboration and other elements of active learning.

Not only were there a lot of good questions, but I also was given some great feedback that I’ve already incorporated.

Here’s the collection and other resources now posted at the Sakai Confluence Wiki site:

I enjoyed main of the other sessions focussing on Sakai’s future with OAE, it’s strong base with CLE.

I was able to engage in some interesting discussions that informed what I’m interested in with Isaak/Sakai at Brock University. The sessions on Turnitin integration with Assignments(2) were useful, and I think the Sakai community is close to addressing a long standing issue with its help files (although not there yet) – I promise to help.

Good conference.

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