Cheap plastic tree stand

Wed Dec 16 22:07:15 2009 EST (-0500 GMT)

Lindz and I bought a Christmas tree on Sunday and put it up in our cheap plastic tree stand that day. This is the first year we’ve put the tree up on our main floor with 9′ ceilings, so we went with a 8′ tree.

Monday night we decorated it and went to bed.

At about quarter to four in the morning we were woken by the crash of a tree and christmas bulbs rolling across our hardwood. Lindz and I both got up with a start and as Lindz turned on the lights while I charged for the tree and started lifting as soon as had a hand on it and place it in the corner of the room. I know from an incident with a cat, a fish and fishbowl in my parent’s kitchen what large amounts of water can do to hard wood.
After the 4am clean up
The good news was that our area rug absorbed all the water and didn’t let it through to the wood. We propped the rug up on a chair and placed a fan in front of it. Lindz place the tree skirt in the tub and at about 4:15 we went back to bed. Lindz got some sleep, but I didn’t.

Later that day I went to Canadian Tire to buy a new tree stand. After standing there looking at tree stands for a few minutes I said to the guy about my age who was standing there as long as me “… well I think I’m going with this one.” As I walked away he enquired why and I told him about my earlier morning and he said the same thing happened to him and asked if “…I had that cheap plastic thing”

“Yeah, with the small metal screws.”


He decided to wait, but I guess his tree wasn’t stuck in a corner threatening to get sap on the walls.

Tonight we finally put the decorations back on and it looks better than ever, but my Christmas spirit has yet to recover.

Better than new

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