Tree sap and more on my car

Mon May 21 19:18:01 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

This weekend Lindz and I had our marriage perpetration course in a semi-rural part of Mississauga. It was some nice quality time for me to share with Lindsay and nature. Sunday afternoon while we where leaving my relationship with Lindsay couldn’t have been better, my relationship with nature was at a serious low.

Here’s what happened, as best as I can deduce things. A bird had left its droppings on a tree, the tree was no happy with this and decided to get rid of this by secreting a bunch of sap and forcing the bird dropping of the tree and allowed gravity to take its course. Unfortunately the my Acura was beneath that tree for two days.

The result was a pool of sap slightly larger than a loonie with chuck of bird dropping in it sitting in the middle of my windsheild.

After scrapping this across most of my windshield with my wipers I got home and put more effort into removing this. Spraying and scrubbing with soap did very little. It was a good 15 minutes into the process that I thought of using hot water.

What I did to remove the sap from the windshield was scrub with warm soapy watter while I brought a kettle to a boil and then used the kettle water to finish-off the pre-warmed windshield.

I hope my description of this process helps someone out.
How to remove tree sap from windsheild

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