No More Not-So-Sticky Felt and Groaning Chairs

Mon Aug 31 21:32:02 2009 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Super SlidexAfter having gone through countless sticky “felt feet” for the chairs in our kitchen I’ve finally found a suitable replacement.

Over a month ago I installed Hickory Hardware’s casters. The ones I went with screwed into the bottom of the chair legs, the idea was that the screw would keep the sliders in place.

Immediately the chairs slide better than they ever had before, but the reason I wrote-up the blog posting is to record that after a month the screws have yet to turn to the dark side and scratch our tiles.

In summary, I’d highly recommend Madico Super Slidex sliding casters for almost any surface — check back in a year to see if I’ve put them on our chairs that live on wood surfaces.

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