Rally of the Tall Pines, 2005

Wed Nov 30 23:33:14 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Iron Bridge
The highlight of this year’s race was a Castrol coloured hatchback that was having trouble breaking for the single lane iron bridge (pictured here) that is the modern icon of the rally. My brother and I where standing behind the barrier that narrowed the road from two lanes to one. The Golf hit the barrier just to the right of us, hit the other side and then got wedged on a 90′ angle in the bridge (pictured here). The spectators where eventually allowed to go out and help push (pictured here) and after they worked out how force and levers work they where able to push the hatchback off the bridge and the stage was re-oppened (pictured here) .

Rally car video
My Flickr gallery of the event can be found here and the video of car about to slide off the edge of a corner in the dark (and into a lake) can be found here.

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