Formula One One Again!

Wed Jun 24 22:03:14 2009 EDT (-0400 GMT)

After lots of crazy manoeuvres by the FIA and major teams in Formula 1 they’ve finally come to an agreement. That’s good for fans and good for the sport, as the uncertainty was really starting distract from the racing.

What’s even better is Max Mosley will wind down his last year as FIA president and then not seek a reappointment! Goodbye Max Mosley, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, because I know you’d like it! (Joke explained: FIA president Max Mosley participating in a bizarre sadomasochistic orgy)

One Response to “Formula One One Again!”

  1. Matt Clare Says:

    Oops – Looks like it’s all fallen apart again…. oh well.