PC Government Drops Eco Rebate

Mon Mar 3 0:55:32 2008 EST (-0500 GMT)

The PCs announced this eco-friendly rebate program two years ago but failed to do their homework and included the Toyota Yaris and not the segment rival the Honda Fit.

For want of a tenth of a liter they cut out the Honda Fit, a very eco-friendly car. Apparently they’ve given-up and instead pledged research money ( www.autoblog.com ) I like to encourage eco-friendly cars, but as I pointed out in my blog posting when it came out (Conservative auto rebate plan affront to nature and market), I don’t think the PC’s want to be known for distorting the make.

Here’s hopping the re-purposed $250 million pledged to the auto industry for the development and research of environmentally-friendly technologies will be more effective.

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