More money than energy

Fri Jul 6 9:16:56 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Segway sloth
From Dadsmacker

The following titles are better than my original choice:

  1. More money than muscle
  2. Soccer Mom upgrades from SUV to tractor trailer
  3. One’s the brains, the other’s the muscle
  4. Segway/stroller collision caught on traffic camera moments before impact
  5. Segstroler
  6. Taliban unveils new recruitment posters on theme of “Western Decadence”
  7. Mother pushes stroller with segway, not pictured: reality

One Response to “More money than energy”

  1. adam Says:

    I bet she goes to the gym, and having to go to the gym adds to her stressful busy life. Her life is so busy she can’t even afford to walk places.