Bring the K-os!

Wed Jan 5 1:12:19 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

Just got back from the K-os conert at Brock. Saa-heat!!

His band was really tight, especially the guitar and bass, as you have to be to play K-os’s stuff. My favourite moments was when Hit the Road Jack was used to lead into the song with the same beat, Crabbucit!

Other great moments included some freestyle in the middle of the show, with a lot borrowed from Public Enemy by both K-os and the guy on the turn tables. My favouite track, Crucial, was the last track off the album then the broke out the power chords (even Kevin himself rocked with his own guitar). Almost everyone knew all the words, and the their were a good number of people there, especially when you consider that the posters went up on the last day of exams and tickets didn’t go on sale until nine hours before the show!

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