Juan Pablo Montoya gets first NASCAR win

Mon Jun 25 10:10:06 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Congratulations to one of my favourite F1 drivers, who’s now left F1 and brought his considerable driving skills and considerable Columbian fan-base to NASCAR. His first won came at the Infineon Raceway, one of NASCAR’s few road courses, and I actually watched a good portion of the race and enjoyed it; the zero-areo-efficiency cars (in this case “The car of tomorrow” or “The car of two-decades-ago” technically) do allow for a lot of passing.

Like the great Mario Andretti, Montoya has now won in Formula One, in CART, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and now in NASCAR. Too bad he never won the F1 Championship, but it does leave a bigger crown available to Jacques should he ever make it into NASCAR.

Sports Illustrated Story

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