Mon Mar 19 22:59:09 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

RimCount.comMy latest web creation is a web site for fans and the curious to track their experience with the Tim Horton’s rim promotion. is currently in public beta, but I hope to have it fully ready for the 2008 campaign. For now, I encourage you to create an account, record your rims via the web, E-Mail or your cell phone and track your “luck” against that of your friends.

If you have any suggestions for the web site please let me know!

2 Responses to “Announcing”

  1. adam Says:

    Here’s a suggestion:
    the photo of the rolled up rim can be better. It brings the rest of the otherwise good looking site down a notch 🙁

  2. Matt Clare Says:

    Yeah, I think I may drop it all together. I thought that if I obscured the thing it would prevent Tim Hortons from getting pissed off – I don’t think it’s succeeded in preventing anyone from getting pissed off. It goes away in tonight’s update.