Predicting When Brock University Should be Closed

Thu Feb 15 13:09:34 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Brock University has an “Inturuptions of Normal Operations” policy: The prcoess is clear, but the interpretation is not. Yesterday’s events have clarified this. Here’s the section that’s important:

On any day when weather or other events could challenge the regular functioning of the University, or when other Niagara institutions are announcing closures, the Executive Director of Facilities Management will consult with the Director of Campus Security who will contact the local school boards, Niagara College, the Niagara Regional Police Service, Environment Canada Weather Services and St. Catharines Transit.

Based on Februray 14th 2007 we now know that this is a five-for-five situation, at least at the inital 6:00AM decision. In yesterday’s case the St. Catharines Transit system was still running while all others were closed. The two local school boards and Niagara College were closed and the Police were asking people not to drive if possbile and Enviroment Canada had both a storm and squal warning out, but to their credit, the St. Catharines Transit system seemed to handeling the weather very well!

I’m not sure what factors lead to the update around 1:00PM that the campus was closed.

So in the future, when you’re trying to predict if you have to come to the Brock Campus the night before a storm look to St. Catharines Transit and

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