Acura-terain-vehicle passing sport cutes!

Wed Feb 14 12:20:07 2007 EST (-0500 GMT)

I made it!
I made it in to work!

The snow down here in St. Catharines is pretty heavy, but my little car and its appropriate tires did fine this morning. I went through the city because the OPP were asking people to stay off the highway and I would have felt pretty sheepish if I got in an accident on the 406 for sub-ten-kilometre trip.

I was a little late for work, but that was because I stopped to push a women’s car out of a snow bank only to find out that the snow bank was her destination.

Glenridge HillI also got stuck in a long line trying to get up Brock/Glenridge hill because a sport-cute kept trying to get up the hill despite making very little forward progress and ultimately turning around with nothing but a long line of cars to show for it. The sport-cute (Saturn Vue, maybe Ford Escape) wasn’t alone because once it was out of the way and myself and a bunch of other cars started up the road the mini-van behind me quickly disappeared from my mirror.

I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures.

Brock campus in snow

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