Census 2006 site painfully slow

Sun May 7 13:09:32 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Has anyone else noticed that the Census 2006 web site is painfully slow? The site even asks you to wait up to two minutes to establish an SSL connection. The site rejected my prototype version of Firefox (with OSX native interface bits) so I launched Safari and it thought it had hung because the connection is took so long and then after about 5 minutes I was asked to trust a new SSL certificate from Thawte who give free certificates to governments and educators.

I have a feeling that Statistics Canada’s addition of web submissions of the 2006 census will ultimately mean that it will take me longer to fill out the paper submission.

One Response to “Census 2006 site painfully slow”

  1. Jinty Says:

    Tell me about it! I helped Grandma do hers and it took FOREVER!