Google Talk & Adium

Thu Aug 25 9:46:55 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

The best IM tool for the Mac (if not any OS) is Adium, but that may change with Google Talk.

The problem is, Google Talk is Windows only, for now, and though the website says Adium will connect to it, it does not say how — so I’m going to say how:

  • Open Adium’s Prefrences
  • Add an account

  • Click the plus on the add accounts page and choose a Jabber account
  • Put in your GMail E-Mail address and your password in the Account tab
  • Server settings

  • Under the Options tab add the server of
  • check off secure TLS –
    and you might want to check the mail notification option
  • You might want to check auto-connect
  • Hit OK and you’re done!

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