Marie Geddes Dies

Tue May 17 18:39:43 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Marie Geddes started a hunger strike on April 25 after sending a letter to Alberta Preimer, Ralph Kline, to no effect.

Her reasons for the hunger strike and letter were the lack of staff and service in the Bethany Long-Term Care Centre in Camrose Alberta. Recently she had been moved into a brand new building, which she said on CBC’s As It Happens, was a very nice building. The problem was the staffing had diminished and her daily living needs (the bathroom, etc) were becoming more difficult because the overworked staff was no longer available to help her.

Her hunger strike lasted for four days, then her diabetes forced her health to take turn for the worse.

She died yesterday after three trips to the hospital.

It’s a sad commentary on health care in Canada.

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