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Tue Apr 12 9:09:04 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Tiger Pre Order

The best thing about being a Mac user and somone who works for a post-secondary institution is the prices Apple is willing to offer you.

Obviously, I’ll let everyone know how Apple’s next operating system, Tiger, is when it arrives. Once they send me the info on the seminar I’ll share whatever is in that – though I’m sure there isn’t much in the way of new info.

UPDATE: 13/04/05

Here’s what Apple’s OSX web site says about Tiger’s Automator features:

Are you the Mac expert in your family? Maybe every single time your sister posts new photos of your niece to her web site, your father asks you how to put them on his iPod photo. Simply make an Automator workflow that does it for him. You can save the workflow as an application to email to him. Course, if Dad is just looking for an excuse to call, you might have to find something else to talk about. Learn more…

This is why I need a copy as soon as they are available!

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