Bowling balls and buzzcuts

Sun Nov 14 0:44:29 2004 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Friday: Rich Couto came to Brock for a job interview (here’s hoping, but don’t settle for less $$$) and Jen Allen was down from Toronto. Herman and Janice made a party of five and we all went out to Frescos for dinner. After a brief stop at my place to make plans, we went bowling (and drinking) at JJ Caps on Ontario. Barb from ITS also joined us.

I’m not much of a bowler, but I tied Jen for the first came and came in third to Herman on he second. Bowling is actually a lot of fun, no wonder Fred and Barny and the rest of the Waterbuffalos bowled so much. I’m no Twinkle-Toes-Flinstone…. yet.

We finished off the night at Bean Tree ‘downtown’. I had the China Black Rose Tee, good dark and bitter taste. Janice and I watch the last 1/4 of the Raptors/Sonics game – it was point for point. Raptors gave it up in the last few seconds, after vince miss-handled a plan and then missed a shot. I miss hockey :(

Anyway, It was good to see everyone again, and I hope to see Rich & Jen again soon. For the sake of getting it in writing, I’ll be in Guelph this Friday night (the 19th?) and back in Toronto the weekend following.

Saturday —–

Today I got a hair cut, which should make those of you worried about the sloppy hair on the back of my neck happy. The hairdresser at THE Barber Shop said that the hair on the back of my neck was quite messed up, but she was very happy with her rescue work.

Now I’m at home finally watching the first Harry Potter movie. Did I mention I miss hockey?????

Sunday —-
Working bugs outa’ wordpress. Anyone got insight on the blog-by-mail option? It’s helf timzone problems and half a problem with catagories.

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