Clavicle updates

Mon Mar 31 15:49:13 2008 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Not much news from my visit to the fracture clinic today. My left collar bone is healing in miss-union, which is no surprise give then X-Ray from a month ago. This will mean that I’ll have a lumpy-left-shoulder for the rest of my life, but worse things could happen.

I suppose the news is that I can start loosing the sling and can “let my pain be my guide” on that one. I aim to avoid it as much as possible, but just in the last hour without it my muscles have started to remind me that they haven’t seen much action lately.

No X-Rays to share this time because they did everything within the hospitals system, but if you can imagine a one inner-half onto of the out-half situation you’ll get the picture.

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