I broke my clavicle

Wed Feb 20 0:28:00 2008 EST (-0500 GMT)

I had to cut our ski trip short to Holiday Valley on Tuesday when I crashed while stopping at the bottom of the run and broke my left collar bone. I turned my board sideways to stop and stood up and assumed that since the run was over so was the danger. Oops.
Broken collar bone.
I caught the wrong edge and flipped over. I gave Andy and Chris a thumbs’ up with my right hand but as I stood up my left shoulder didn’t feel right. I think my response to Andy was “It feels like it’s in two parts”.

The snow-patrol met us in the chalet and splint’ed me up and treated me very well. I wasn’t the first brake of the day. I asked. Two people at the Hospital commented on my splint.

Andy, Goldwin & Chris were nice enough to cut their trip short and take me back to the St. Catharines General for about 4:00. I really appreciated that.

While I was waiting I helped a blind man find the reception desk – As I said “Can I lend you my arm” I thought how it was literally the lame leading the blind.

Lindz took the bus down to rescue me and the car and got there with some car magazines for me around 7:00PM. At about 9:00 they saw me and at 9:30ish they sent me away with a clavicle brace and some tylenol 3.

I’m not in any constant pain, but let’s just hope sleep goes well. This was my first return to the ER since I broke my right collar bone in grade 10.

The lesson here: always be safe and Lindsay’s married into some weak collar bones.

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