Mr. Chretien, this is your future

Tue Feb 8 9:14:19 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

MulroneyChretienMr. Chretien, this is your future:

If you keep trying to scuttle this inquiry, and it is proven that you sunk millions of public money into Liberal trinkets for Quebecers, than your legacy will be re-written.

One thing Mr. Chretien’s new legacy might have in common with his old is that they will both prove expensive for Canadians.

UPDATE: Good on Mr. Chretien. He may infact be culpable in all of this, but he was never dircetly culpable. Plus his little golf ball demonstration [Globe and Mail] was very well done and a good response to Judge Gomery’s comments that the golf balls Chretien had made were “Small town cheap”. Chretien produced golf balls with the signatures of world leaders and one from the law firm Judge Gomery’s daughter works for.

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