Collar Bone, Plan C

Mon Mar 3 23:27:02 2008 EST (-0500 GMT)

Tonight at the fracture clinic the doctor told me I have two options:

  • PLAN A: We allow the break to heal on its own as it is and fuse into something like a hockey puck sized lump (if it does).
  • PLAN B: We opt for an operation involving a general anaesthetic, bolts, and risks of what will get cut on the way in, plus all possible the surgery complications.

We kinda’ invented plan C, for now.

I said that I’m open to surgery, but given that it’s not without it’s own risks I don’t want to rush into it so long as we still have options. We’ve ratcheted-up my clavicle splint considerably from what St. Catharines General’s emergency room physician had it at in the hopes that it will help pull those two majour parts (below) closer together. The best case is my collar bone fuses into a golf-ball sized lump and a don’t need surgery, or less invasive surgery.

We’ll know in a month. ‘Till then I stay splinted up tighter than before.

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