Scraping my car

Mon Jan 22 15:22:08 2007 EST (-0500 GMT)

Today Nick asked how I felt about the weather we’ve been having.

For the record, I like scraping the ice off my car: I get a warm feeling inside from giving my engine a chance to get a warm feeling inside before I start driving.

Nick said “…i should do the same .. but then i would have to get up earlier in the morning”.

More winter driving tips can be found here:

4 Responses to “Scraping my car”

  1. AdamX Says:

    How can anyone actually *like* scraping ice off his car?

  2. Shealyn Says:

    I would like to comment on your winter-tip section….for the record when I had to take that car into Canadian tire to get fixed they did not know what was the problem- after looking at it for more that 2 hours- and did not mention once that it could be related to the amount of gas (even when we discussed where I could get some more near by for my trip back to Markham). As well I do believe that the same car did the EXACT same thing to you a few weeks later and the gas tank was fine. So either remove the accusatory example of me or include yourself into it.

  3. Matt Clare Says:

    OK Shea, how’s this edit look: [[Three years later it looks like this might have more to do with a bad starter than fuel – or my sister]]

  4. Shealyn Says:

    there we go, much better 😉