The Piling System

Mon Dec 4 19:08:10 2006 EST (-0500 GMT)

As I fly to Atlanta I’m starting another flurry of blog postings. The first one is my piling system.

ziplockflightfileandpassport.jpgIt’s like any old filing system only the key to it is large Zip-Lock Quick Zip bags. This allows you to collect items of all sizes, including 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper (which other zip-lock bags do not). It seals everything in, you know what is in the bag at a glance and there’s no need for labels. It also has less of a requirement for being filed vertically, hence the name piling system.

I appreciate this system most when I travel because it’s easy to take things in and out of but it doesn’t lose things when you’re not looking like a filer folder does. The best pare is that you can consult things like your gate number just by looking through the plastic. There is the argument that it removes all confidentiality of the contents, but my observations of your women carrying around these big mesh bags at Brock makes me think that privacy is no longer cool.

So there you are, the piling system. Storing your important files in a zip lock bag for easy reference: it’s what out-tripper’s in the back of canoes have known for years.

One Response to “The Piling System”

  1. AdamX Says:

    Good idea! I’ve been stuffing things in a mesh cd case for too long: My birth certificate is hardly readable now.