WebCT: Java and popup checks

Thu Nov 16 11:47:21 2006 EST (-0500 GMT)

Here’s a great posting to the WebCT Ask Dr. C forum. Apparently this person is not too impressed with WebCT CE 6:

Could you please add more checks for Java and popups? The 3 or 4 that I need to wait for when I log in really aren’t enough. And adding another Java/popup check every time I post to a discussion group still doesn’t do it for me. How do you know with so “few” checks that a user’s browser environment is really ready for the awesome capabilities of WebCT version 6 if you don’t check for Java and popup capabilities at least once every 30 seconds? In fact, checking every 15 seconds might even be better, because who knows how often these clever new browsers could change their capabilities, or be modified by users?

And he goes on at: discussions.webct.com/jive4/thread.jspa?messageID=88412

One Response to “WebCT: Java and popup checks”

  1. Shealyn Says:

    I completely agree with this! I do like the new format for webCT, but the multiple checks it needs to perform every-time i sign in are tedious- it would be great if there were some way to okay it once and then never agian.