Nothing to blog about

Thu Apr 27 21:22:08 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Briefly, here’s the things I wanted to write more about but it never got past that:

  • The locals in Caledonia protesting about the Six Nations protesters remind me of the townspeople of Springfield.
  • TV is so much better without comercials and viewed on your schedule. Thank you MythTV.
  • Not only is “My Name is Earl” one of the best shows to come along in a while but all season its had a great soundtrack that collimated in spoofing the Beastie Boys Sabotage video in Stole a Badge on April 27th.
  • Pat Quinn and the Leafs are both better off after parting ways.
  • The Volvo C70 hardtop convertible in action:
  • Less than a thousand days left of George Bush.

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