Remembrance Day

Thu Nov 11 16:24:04 2004 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I went to Brock’s Remembrance Day ceremony today. It was a powerful tribute.

Last post was played, there where readings from the Bible and the Koran. ‘Our Vet’ for the ceremonies made the observation that it’s getting harder to find a vet from WWII: ‘There’s not many of us left, so you get to people like me who cleaned boiler rooms, and swabbed the deck’. The yearly fair on 11/11 11:00.

The decision was made to move the ceremonies in doors because of the wind, which made the culmination of the event so much the better. Brock’s native drumming circle preformed a song about remembering war. It was amazing! Their chanting, the boom of that huge drum, both echoing and reverberating throughout the hallways of the campus. It was captivating and a fitting tribute to those who fought for our freedom. To use the jingoism of the moment, let freedom ring.

We all know my feelings about the current war, but what simpler definition of a hero is there than someone willing to die for their nation? Today I thought a lot about my Grand Dad, I thought about everyone my age during WWII, but also thought about Fallujah and people there willing to give their lives on behalf of others. Ultimatly, will what they where asked to die for have a greater value then their young lives?

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