White Noise App

Sun Dec 4 12:18:38 2011 EST (-0500 GMT)

I wanted to quickly write about the TMSoft White Noise app.  It has to be quick both because there isn’t much to say, other than it’s free or cheap and because our baby may be up from his nap soon.

I bought the full iPhone app before there was an iPad and before we had a baby in a fit of insomnia.  I’ve used it to try to fall a sleep our tune out those around me.  It works well for both and the audio samples provided are very good and you can combine them and set timers.

Since our baby has arrived we first discovered how much liked the oven exhaust fan.  I then realized that I had a portable version of “oscillating fan” in my pocket in the White Noise App.  It’s been great to both sooth our child and drown out other noises that might wake him.

TMSoft have since expanded their lineup.  I have a copy on my Android tablet.  My wife has the free version on her iPhone and I have the desktop version available from the Mac App store on my computer at work – airplane noises seemed to work well to drown out the noise of colleagues to write reports etc.

Here’s the places that I’ve found TMSoft’s White Noise application at:

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