I’m a peaksaver

Wed Jul 7 21:05:32 2010 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Last summer we signed-up to be Peaksavers. In the middle of the summer of 2010’s first heave wave in Ontario I’m still keen.

Once we had signed-up Burlington Hydro sent someone over to install a new thermostat. The new thermostat allows Burlington Hydro / The Peaksaver program to send a signal to raise the temperature in our house by 2 degrees Celsius over 4 hours. Apparently the message is sent infrequently and only on weekdays and you can opt out twice a year. They sweetened the deal with a $25 credit on our bill.

One of the features we’ve made a lot of use of is the Online Control Centre. It allows you to program the thermostat via the web from anywhere in the world. For us it’s been a good way to change the temperature back to a livable temperature before we arrive home from being on the road.

I mentioned to the gentleman who installed the thermostat that I was looking forward to meters that account for time-of-use. He pointed out that it disproportionately affects the elderly and new mothers, as they are the ones that are home during peak-price hours. Fair comment. But I really feel that people need to pay the real price of energy and be responsible for the decisions that make about its use.

After almost a year I recommend the program to anyone in Ontario that can sign-up.

UPDATE – Tuesday August 31, 2010

Yesterday I actually snapped a picture of us “being PeakSaved”.

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