More travel pictures, more important

Fri Jul 13 16:02:39 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Please take a look at Lindz and my pictures from Boston, it’s a great town. I was in town for this year’s international WebCT conference Blackboard World 2007.

Last year’s WebCT conference was in Chicago and recently “Schmap” let me know that my pictures of the Double Door bar (the center of grunge rock in Chicago) had been nominated for a contest to be included in their third edition of our Schmap Chicago Guide. Not surprisingly I was so flattered to be nominated that I allowed “Schmap” to use my Creative Commons licensed image commercially. Again, it came as no surprise that my two images where accepted.

Full credit to “Schmap”, calling it a contest is a good way to get free images. They even included in the E-Mail the sent me “If you like the guide and have a website, blog or personal page, then please also check out our schmapplets – customizable widgetized versions of our Schmap Chicago Guide, complete with your published photos:” Another success, because here that guide is.

So here they are:

Double Door

Double Door

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