Sleeping or Dead?

Tue Apr 19 13:35:45 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Now that we know that the new Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, is Joseph Ratzinger a new watch begins:

At lunch today Jen noticed this raccoon in the trees at Brock in the square between Thistle and Welch Hall. The question is, is it dead or asleep? We could burn the tree and see if the smoke has that tell-tale white of a burning raccoon, but that method hasn’t worked well lately. Instead we’ll have to wait in the square to see if the raccoon moves from that spot.

Racoon 1
Racoon 2

UPDATE 04/20/05

Still no movement from that raccoon – but he probably smells of wet animal about now. Let’s hope the wind keeps up!


UPDATE 04/21/05

Alive! (or fell to the ground). This morning the racoon was no longer in the treee!

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