Autoshow 2

Sun Feb 20 21:26:45 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

The autoshow was interesting, but not as good as other years. Only Honda brought a race car (an F1 mock-up), not even Subaru brought a rally car. The street-mod scene was the big thing, again. It was cool three years ago Mini had a DJ booth setup, but when GM did it the effect was lost.

My highlight was a poster of historic Ferrari race cars and the Subaru Rally similator. I asked the guy working on belting people into this system to co-drive for me and apparently did the second best drive of his shift.
If you’re wondering if you should go this year: only if you’re out for a new car, otherwise wait until the next one. This year was a great year for high end cars (The Ferrari F430, the 360′s replacement is sweet) but for the modest ones we all drive… engh.

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