Mon Jul 10 18:02:44 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I made it to Chicago OK. I even made it to my hotel room here at the Fairmont (swanky) in time to catch the end of the world cup finals (Zidane, what was that?).

I’ve since taken lots of pictures of Gotham Chicago and used my in-line skates to cover lots of the downtown core. I copied and pasted the Wikipedia entry on Chicago into “Saybert” and exported it into an audio file and onto my iPod. This morning I skated around to Stephen Hawking telling be about Chicago.

I’m here for the 2006 WebCT Conference which starts tomorrow so today was my chance to see the town. Did you know that Chicago is the third most popular conference destination in the US? Stephen Hawking told me that.

Unfortunately it was overcast all day – but I’ll have lots of time to capture sunset pictures through the week. Watch flickr.

Chicago skyline

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