OUCC 2006

Thu Jun 1 21:02:25 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Bob Rae - OUCC

I presented at the Ontario University Computing Conference (OUCC) this week. The presentation went well and I had a good balance of keener’s and skeptics in the crowd. The bad news is my plan A and plan B for recording the presentation for a future podcast both failed – so we’ll have to figure out what we’ll do about that.

One of the first keynote speakers was federal Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae. Mr. Rae talked about the need to disperse decision making and not consolidate everything in Queens park, especially in the education and health care sector. “They have to be given the freedom to make decisions, the freedom to fail – I suppose I’m an expert on that.” he quipped in one of his many self-deprecating jokes about the late 90s.

The conference quickly turned into the Wikipedia conference when Mr. Rae complained that he was introduced as graduating from a Toronto high-school that he had never attended based on information gathered from the Bob Rea Wikipedia article. When he checked his own article he found all kinds of inaccuracies and ultimately his wife edited the article, and as far as I’m concerned, really improved it. I documented his concerns.

The Wikipedia conference went on as Tim Bray, from Sun, spent 3/4 of his one hour keynote talking about the articles he maintains and how good Wikipedia actually is.

OUCC went very well this year. The influence of it’s host, Guelph University, was felt in strong eLearning conference stream and the people who ran the conference. Congratulations to Guelph U and OUCC.

You can listen to the two keynotes at the OUCC website.

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